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Thevo Chair Thevo Chair Thevo Chair
Thevo Chair
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Rocking stimulates the senses and activates people!

Scientific studies prove: rocking motions reduce symptoms of dementia. The person is more even-tempered and receptive, with reduced anxiety and depression. Smooth rocking motions move the foot, knee and hip joints in a gentle way.

Back with MiS Micro-Stimulation

Improves body perception, this intensifies the positive aspect of the rocking motion

Gentle rocking

Requires little effort thanks to special pendulums to gently move body joints

Revolving platform

Rotates by 360° offering a range of views and activities and the ease of sitting down and getting up without risk


Constructed for optimal stability while rocking. The rocking runners move gently, while the chair remains stable


The breathable fabric can be wiped clean and disinfected. It is moisture-resistant and fire-retardant

Technical Data

Height of back 72cm / 28.4"
Height 110cm / 43.3"
Breadth (width) 73cm / 28.7"
Depth of seat 47cm / 18.5"
Width of seat 55cm / 18.5"
Back angle 112° / 115°
Seat height 48cm / 18.9"
Max. load-bearing capacity 140kg / 308.6 lbs
Foot Stool (accessory)  
Height (max) 41cm / 16.1"
Breadth 44cm / 17.3"
Depth 44cm / 17.3"

  Net mass of articles (items)
  Length Width High Belt Measure
Chair 79.5cm / 31.1" 73cm / 28.7" 65.1cm / 25.6" 355.7cm / 140.04"
Stool 44cm / 17.3" 44cm / 17.3" 40.3cm / 15.9" 212.6cm / 83.7"
  Gross mass of articles (items)
  Length Width High Belt Measure
Chair 88cm / 34.6" 81cm / 31.9" 71.5cm / 28.2" 393cm / 154.7"
Stool 52cm / 20.5" 52cm / 20.5" 50cm / 19.7" 256cm / 100.8"
  Weight of articles (items)
  Net Gross
Chair 28.3kg / 62.4 lbs 38.5kg / 84.8 lbs
Stool 6.1kg / 62.4 lbs 10.1kg / 22.3 lbs"

We offer the following accessories for the ThevoChair:

  • Foot Stool
  • Protective incontinence covers for ThevoChair + Foot Stool
  • Cover for the foot of the chair

Attachment of the cover for the foot of the chair (accessories)

You can mount the cover for the foot of the chair as follows:

  1. Tip the ThevoChair carefully on the side and lay it on a clean base.
  2. Open the 4 zips of the cover.
  3. Pull the cover over the foot of the chair and fasten all zips.
  4. Make sure that the cover is sitting evenly.
  5. Carefully set up the ThevoChair again - ready

Attachment of the protective incontinence covers (accessories)

The set contains five separate covers which can be used for the backrest, the seating surface and the side panel of the ThevoChair as well as a cover for the surface of the footstool. We recommend using the protective covers for extended use especially, e.g. in care communities. Please find the separate instruction enclosed at the accessories.

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