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Now You Or Your Loved One Can Drink Easily Again.

handSteady is the world's first cup with a rotatable handle.. stopping spills and increasing independence despite arthritis, tremor, weakness or limited dexterity.

This unique drinking aid has been designed for those who have limited dexterity, experience hand pain, swallowing diculties, tremors, reduced coordination or weakness.
It has a large Rotatable Handle which allows the user to hold the the handle in comfortable and stable positions to minimise tremors and wristpain.
Gravity keeps the cup upright and steady.

To drink from the cup, place the Hidden Lid on the cup, hold the handle at the most comfortable angle and use the thumb, mouth or the other hand to control the tilting.

Unique Cup with a Rotatable Handle and Lid.

Height 106mm (4½ ”)
Capacity 250ml (8 . oz)
Material Polycarbonate
VAT Zero rated
Warranty 1 year
Cleaning Dishwasher safe

Designed for comfort and convenience


Our goal with handSteady is to give you the best possible drinking experience. So we've developed a number of new innovations, each with their own set of features

The Hidden Lid

The Hidden LidTM accessory is a highly discrete tailor made lid for handSteady:Reduces chances of spillages.
  • Reduces speed of liquid flow
  • Easy to drink through
  • Easy to insert onto and remove from handSteady
  • Holds straws in place
  • No tab, so doesn't look like a baby cup
  • Keeps hot drinks hotter for longer

1. Curved RimTM technology

The rim of a cup is an important area for comfort, flow of liquid and managing drips after sipping. The handSteady Curved Rim innovation is a carefully designed rim with the following features:

  • Comfortable - making it Comfortable for lips when connecting with the cup
  • Curved Inside Wall - to direct liquid to the centre of your mouth.
  • Hand Finished - to ensure rim is smooth to touch
  • Drip management - stops ugly drip stains forming on outside of the cup.

2. State of the Art material

As you could be using handSteady on a daily basis for extended periods, we've invested in using State of the Art materials to provide the following benefits:

  • Light weight(31% lighter than standard cups) - making it easy to hold.
  • Dishwasher safe- so you can keep it hygienic with minimal effort.
  • Stain resistant- resisting both visible and taste stains.
  • Shatter proof- so unlike ceramic it doesn't shatter if dropped.
  • Food and drink safe - made from FDA approved food safe materials..
  • 0 ° C - 100 ° C- suitable for both hot and cold drinks.
  • Colour matched to bone-china - to ensure it looks good in any situation.

3. Rotatable HandleTM technology

This feature is what makes handSteady so different to any other cup. It's a patent pending mechanism comprising of ball bearings and a strong fastening structure. Here are the features:

  • Two self-lubricating bearingsto be dishwasher safe & always smooth
  • Smooth rotating- so you can move it elegantly, with little effort
  • Stays upright- using gravity
  • Tilts easily- in 5 ways impossible with other cups
  • Keeps steady - despite unwanted motion
  • 360 degree revolution- so you can hold it at any comfortable angle
  • Highly discrete -the mechanism is hidden within the handle

4. Ergonomic Geometry

Where you place things on a cup, alongside the sizes and shapes of various elements, makes a big difference to how easy a cup is to use. So handSteady has a careful balance between what all the elements that make a great cup

  • Elegant design - based on a fine-bone china cup; ideal for any setting
  • 250ml (8oz) capacity-so you can use with one cup kettles & get a full cup
  • Handle close to axis of gravity - to ensure the cup feels light
  • Rim diameter 7cm wide- to reduce amount you need to lean your head back
  • Base diameter 7cm wide - to increase stability when placing on table
  • Straight Exterior wall - to enable both wide base and rim diameters
  • Angled Interior wall- to reduce the amount you need to lean your head back
  • 11cm Tall - to increase stability by lowering centre of gravity

5. Double ArcTM handle design

We knew from the outset that the handle design would be an important feature as it needed to work for as many people as possible - all of whom might have different requirements

  • Large enough for 4 fingersso you can hold securely, even if weak
  • Good fit- space sized to be a secure fit, yet easy to put fingers in/out
  • 180 degree curves at ends- for comfort and to keep subtle
  • Thin side profile- like china cups, unlike big mugs, to make it easy to grip
  • Handle close to axis of gravity - to ensure the cup feels light
  • Can hold handle upside down- to lower centre of gravity for more stability
  • Finger guard -to protect fingers from getting burned

  • Stays Upright

  • Tilts Easily

  • Keeps Steady

  • Save £100's Cleaning Costs

  • Less Spills & More Control

  • Cup with Rotatable Handle

  • Hidden Lid™ with Drink Hole

  • FREE Delivery with Money Back Guarantee

  • Quick Replacement Warranty

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