Gripeeze Fingerless Mittens

Gripeeze Fingerless Mittens
Gripeeze Fingerless Mittens
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Gripeeze Fingerless mittens are a very unique device. We made these mittens for people with conditions like tetraplegia and rheumatoid arthritis or disfigured finger joints to regain the use of the hand. Our design is like normal mittens but made fingerless so that it can easily be put on and taken off no matter the condition of the hands. These are purpose built for rehabilitation machines and exercise equipment with a slightly longer strapping system than our fingerless sports gloves. This option of the Gripeeze range is also perfect for prosthetic users to enable full use of the hand again.

The neoprene body is comfortable and hard wearing and flexible as to not restrict any movement and the open mitten contains a small elastic loop that is hooked over the middle finger to offer even more movement and flexibility when worn.

Our fingerless mittens can be used on hand cycles, exercise bikes, Weight lifting equipment or as use as a daily living aid. We made them as durable and fit for as many purposes as possible.

For people with Tertaplegia and Rheumatoid arthritis this is an ideal affordable solution that gives you all the quality that you need to enable you to get back your independence.

Tested and approved by people with tertaplegia, ms, stroke and more, our gripping aid solutions are practical and comfortable and developed with the end user in mind.

The Gripeeze® Fingerless mitten is perfect for rehabilitation of sports injuries or any other medical condition such as Arthritis that affect the grip in the hands or for those looking to relieve tension from repetitive tasks.



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