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  • Control posture and position of the body in supine lying
  • Provides for correction of the user
  • Wipe clean
  • No need to choose the correct standard T roll sizes
  • Easy to remove layers
  • Can be used throughout the life of the user
  • Helps manage adduction

The Onion

The world's first universal T roll makes the Onion perfect from paediatrics all the way through to adulthood. No longer do you need to buy several sizes throughout a clients development

All three arms of the Onion can be independently configured to create the optimum positioning aid for the user whilst lying in supine

  • The pelvis should where possible be positioned in mid-line
  • The Onion is placed under the knees
  • Roll the Onion forward to secure abduction and external rotation<
  • The vertical segment should be placed between the thighs
  • Layers of the onion can be added or removed independently depending on the degree of flexion in each limb as well as the level of adduction or abduction
  • Wipe clean only, avoid harsh abrasives and industrial cleaning products

Removeable Segments

All 9 segments of The Onion can be added or removed to more appropriately fit the postural needs of the user

Control Posture

Designed to control posture and aid in positioning the user whilst lying in supine

Unique Adaptability

No Need to worry about finding the appropriate T roll to suit height of user or consider their range of movement at the hips and knees

Can Help

Can help with the maintenance or correction, abduction and contractures in the lower limbs

Wipe Clean

Vapour permeable fabric for protection against fluids and easy cleaning

Height: 66 cm
Width: 45 cm
Total diameter is approx 27cm
Diameter of the spine is 9cm with each of the 3 layers approx 3cm